We take pride in the services we offer and conduct every test in accordance with all state and federal laws.  Listed below you will find a brief discription of each service we currently provide.

Tank Tightness Test

A non-volumetric (vacuum) test is used to determine if a tank passes or fails.  This procedure is capable of detecting leaks as small as 0.1 gph and can be used on tanks containing gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, fuel oils, waste oil, and even water.  Test can be conducted on empty tanks and on tanks with fuel levels up to 99% capacity.

Product Line Tightness Test

Positive pressure is used to test a line by appling 150% of the operating pressure to each particular line.  Both rigid and flexible pipelines can be tested.  The equipment has a gph of 0.05 and is compatable with the same fuels as the tank test.

Leak Detector Test

This test ensures that the leak detector on a pressurized piping system is operating properly.  A 3 gallon/hour leak is simulated and opening time, resliency, operating pressure, STP check valve holding pressure, and metering pressure values are recorded.

Stage I Test

Pressure decay test, P/V vent valve test, and drop tube lengths are measured to ensure that a particluar UST system meets the requirements for Stage I compliance.

Stage II Vapor Recovery Test

Pressure decay, Air to Liquid Ratio, and Dynamic Back pressure tests are conducted on systems in Stage II required areas.  Both Annual and Initial Compliance tests can be performed.

Helium Leak Pinpoint Test

When a tank or line fails the tightness or if there is a suspected leak, helium is used to pinpoint exactly where the problem exists.  Helium gas is the preffered choice because it is non-flamable and rises quickly.

Meter Calibrations

A certified 5 gallon prover is used to check fuel dispenser amounts on all types of dispensers.  We are licensed to make adjustments if necessary on sites in Louisiana.

Monthly Compliance Inspections

Services are state specific and offered in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Southeast Texas